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RoadblockeR write up with pics

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I installed RoadblockeR, a dynamat style sound deadening material, in all 4 doors and the tail/lift gate. The process took me about 4 hours from start to finish. This included installing new speakers in all 4 doors. I was moving much faster at the end so i may be able to do it about 1 hour faster or more now if i was to do a similar project.

The material came in 2' X 4' sheets. i ordered 4 sheets @ about 100$ for all of it and i had almost 1 full sheet left over when i was done. i was a little conservative with the amount i used, not going for full coverage but rather a good amount of coverage evenly distributed. see Sound Deadener Showdown - Your Source for Sound Deadening Products and Information

i could see someone using all 4 sheets for the 4 doors and lift gate though.

here are some pics (most of my pics vanished =( sorry i dont have backups)

you need to remove this trim piece first, there is a small section that a screwdriver will fit in, twist and remove (it will resit you a bit)

i removed the rest of the panel, i dont have a tool to remove the stuck white pegs but if you have it use it.

thew bare gate

strips placed around the inside of the speaker hole.
th 6.5 inch speaker in the back was a bit to big for the hole so i had to be creative with some drilling, i did not cut the sheet metal to make it fit
i found long narrow strips work better for the inside Vs. cut to fit pieces or larger squares.

the finished rear door

this part needs to come out there is a screw and pressure clips that pop off with pressure (this will also resist you)

the sound quality is much better and the cabin is much much quieter, the speakers are so clear compared to the factory ones

i also put a piece on the back of the rear license plat and now it does not rattle
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It's good to hear that you noticed no smell. That (with price and efficacy) is a definite concern for me, because I have frequent migraines and smells like that are a trigger. :icon_confused:
I have the same stuff in the trunk of my Outback, and there is no smell even during 95F days (which we've had a couple of already :icon_frown: ) after sitting in the sun for several hours. I think you should be okay. :biggrin:
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