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I just want to relay a very positive experience (not the first, either) with this dealership. My wife and I had bought a few VWs from Riverhead Bay VW and when it time for our son to get his first new car, he went to the Subaru showroom. He bought a 2014 Forester and I was with him through the process. My wife and I decided to get one also, wanting an AWD vehicle. About a year after buying the Forester, we parted with our troublesome VW Routan minivan and bought a 2015 Outback.

Fast-forward to about nine months ago. Our son traded in his Forester for anew Imprezza. My wife and I retired and moved to Johnson City, TN this past August. Our son visited here and decided to move. He moved here three weeks ago. His Imprezza had only 4,000 miles on it. The day before he was to drive from NY to TN, he noticed that there was a bubble on one of the tires. This was not an issue for the dealership to cover under warranty, it fell on the tire manufacturer but they do not warrant this type of issue since it could have happened from driving in a pothole or something of the sort. My son could not find any tire dealer or dealership that had the tire in stock that he needed for his Imprezza Sport. My wife called the sales manager at Riverhead Bay Subaru with whom we've had a great relationship with over the years. She relayed the story to him and his immediate response was "tell your son to bring the car in, I'll take care of it". Take care of it he did. He has a service tech remove a tire from a new Imprezza on the lot, install it on our son's car, and sent him on his way.
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