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2014 2.5i Limited CVT
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Hi all... I tried searching the site but can't seem to find the answer.

I have a 2014 2.5i Limited w/ 225-60-17 tires. Replaced the stock geolanders [junk] at just under 20k miles with a set of Nexen N5000 Plus tires - same size. Devent tires for my current use.

Have an opportunity to buy 2018 Outback 18" rims w/stock Bridgestone Duelet tires [225-60-18 size].

2 questions - will these rims fit AND are the Duelers any better than the stock Geolanders I had?

To expand on the "will they fit" question - will I have any issues with X-Mode or ABS or TCS or even thr tpms? I know the 18s are about an inch bigger outside diameter and [therefore] have an issue with speedo error, but that's minor [for me].

Do the Duelers have a bit more "off-road" capability or are the pretty much a wet n dry road tire like the stock Geos?


1 - 4 of 4 Posts