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I have a 2014 Forester XT Touring, that I purchased new. Recently, I noticed that the Right Front Fender had a slight misalignment at the rear edge, (near the RF Door). Viewed from the rear, I can see the RF Fender sticks out slightly, i.e., not faired properly with the door. Also, the gap between the RF Door and the RF Fender is slightly wider at the top than at the bottom.

The car has never been in an accident of any kind...was delivered that way. I just never noticed it until I happened to walk up from the right rear side, with the sun shining at just the perfect angle to catch the misfair.

Now, I am looking at every Forester I come across, to see if they have a similar fender to door alignment issue. I have already found one thus far.

Anyone else seen this?

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My 2016 Forester had the same issue, but it wasn't a "delivery defect". Rather than cutting up and moving a rather large branch I found across a trail road, I stupidly decided to just drive over it. The car made it, but when the right-front wheel cleared over, the car came down on the bottom of the fender pretty hard. It had a slight bow and stuck out a bit. It wasn't extremely obvious (no visible damage or anything), but if you came from the back or looked at it long enough, it was very clear. What you're describing sounds pretty similar.

Luckily, you said it is a '14 XT you bought new, otherwise I might wonder if you got my old one! :grin2:
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