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My rents just bought a 99 forester. I know this year had a MAF sensor recall on some models. The car simply "revs" when in idle. Also when in drive at a light, upon accelerating, seems to be a gap where no fuel combusts at which point you are not moving, followed by a burst of combustion that sends you into a slight jump. Again, it seems like the pedal causes no fuel combustion then suddenly it causes a late reaction. Its a little unnerving if you need to make a quick move or even a fast lane switch or other similar eratic acceleration maneuver. It seems as if you have no control over the cars acceleration for a brief second followed by a consequent jump. Now Ive had a lot of sources say this is an idle air control valve that is faulty. But, now that I find out about the MAF recall, maybe the problem is cheaper than I thought? Any similar problem? Any suggestions on cause?
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