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After reading some of the car washing comments here on the forum, I started looking into Foam Cannons. I checked out the videos that are available on YouTube and decided to give it a try. I purchased the MATCC foam cannon from Amazon.

I have to say that I am very pleased with it so far.

Here is the Foam Cannon I purchased:

The instructions recommend that you connect it to a gas power washer, not an electric. There is a certain range of pressure that it must operate in if you want to get decent foam. My power washer is a Husky that I purchased from Home Depot many years ago. Here is the setup:

Some people say that you have to use special soap, but I just used the cheapest soap I had on hand (purchased at Wally World for a couple $$):

Now for the good stuff...>:)

This thing worked excellent! I was very surprised with the amount of foam that I got. There are a couple of adjustments on the nozzle of the foam cannon, and I adjusted it for maximum soap. I started with a mixure of 50/50 soap to water in the bottle, but then I tried a 30/70 mixture and still got great foam.

The results were amazing. It made it much easier and faster to wash the car. No need to get a bucket of soapy water and go back and forth between the bucket and the car. Just saturate the car with foam, let it set for a few minutes, and then wipe down with mitt, microfiber towel, or car wash brush of your choice. Finally rinse and dry as normal.

My recommendation: Highly recommend this product. There are quite a few different brands and versions available from very expensive ($100) to super cheap ($15). From what I've read, the cheap ones work just as well as the expensive ones. Mine cost me $27 and came with a set of different nozzles for the power washer.

Would be happy to answer any questions,


p.s. I'm not sponsored nor received any compensation for this review. I purchased the foam cannon with my own hard-earned $ :wink2:

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Last year I purchased a foam cannon and soap both made by BE (makers of the pressure washer I also have). I washed our cars last year, but haven't done it yet this year.

I'm left wondering what the purpose of the foam cannon is. Just using the pressure washer without soap to clean the car works, and I'm not sure it gets any cleaner after letting foam sit on the car for a while beforehand. If anything, I think a major benefit of the foam is that it sits on the car and moistens any dry dirt that has been sitting on the car. But I wonder if just wetting the car down with a gentle spray of plain water first would do the same thing, and I wonder if either is more effective than just pressure washing a dry car. Certainly when I pressure wash the driveway etc, whatever I'm cleaning seems to get clean without soap or even being wet.

After a road trip, the pressure washer with or without soap has a difficult time removing impacted bugs from the front of the car. Baked-on bugs, bugs that have been accumulating for the entire duration of the road trip. But there are lots of bug-removing solutions online that involve spraying certain things on the bugs and then wiping them off (and possibly rinsing).

I'll still use the foam cannon, because I have it, but I'm not sure how much benefit it provides. If anything I have to go over the cars at least twice each when using the cannon.

I prefer using the pressure washer over touch washing. But I haven't seen any studies that show whether soaking the car with soap or plain water provides any more protection against scratches than simply pressure washing the car when dry.
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