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So every time I reset the ecu for whatever reason (doing work on the car and pull battery) the vehicle will not return to idle off throttle properly unless I go through the idle learning procedure where you basically let it idle with no load for a bout 10 minutes or so.

Anyway, the only places I've seen this behavior mentioned is when the ECU has been tuned. I'm curious if this kind of behavior is a good indicator that it has had a tune or not? I bought the '05 Forester XT manual used and I don't know what some of the previous owners did. I bought it as a project car anyway.

I also have misfire issues, and thought maybe a bad tune could cause both of these problems. After reset and the idle learn, the thing runs smooth as glass for a while, but eventually starts to run rougher.

Am I on to something or barking up the wrong tree?
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