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While Toyota, Japan's largest automaker, announced recently that it is pulling out of the Korean marketplace, Subaru is moving in. Subaru has just announced that starting this April it will begin selling the Forester, Legacy and Outback models in South Korea.

Initially sales targets are set at just 600 vehicles annually, but Subaru has an ambition goal to grow that number exponentially to 3,000 units by 2015. Over the past year, Subaru has grown its share of the marketplace in North America considerably, with a revamped lineup of vehicles.

In a statement, Subaru said it believes its unique product offering with AWD standard on every vehicle will be attractive to consumers in Korea, where mountains are spread throughout the country and where the temperature varries much more than in Japan.

We're surprised to learn the Subaru won't offer it's volume model, the Imprezza, in Korea and we're certain more than a few enthusiasts are hoping Subaru will bring over the STI.

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