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Replacing headlight bulb - Did I buy the wrong bulbs? - SOLVED!

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As my name states, I'm a Clueless Dude. I'm trying to learn basic maintenance for my Subaru. I have purchased Sylvania H11 bulb to replace a burnt out low beam headlight bulb. I'm having two problems:

1) It won't lock into place the way the original does. I'm pretty sure this has to do with the absence of the 3 "fins" that the original has. (see picture 1 below)

2) It won't plug into the power supply. It has these little nubs on both sides that the original doesn't have. (see picture 2 below)

Did I buy the wrong bulbs? If they are the correct bulbs, how do I resolve my two issues?

Thanks in advance!


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You pulled out your high beam which is a 9005 bulb.
You are correct!! 10,000 internet points for you and my immense gratitude!! Thank you very much!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts