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Flywheel on 6mt

  • Stock For Stock, factory weight is just right.

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  • A little lighter

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  • Lightest possible, electronic rev-hang will keep it easy to rev match lol

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  • no options available for the 14-18 2.5i 6mt

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Salvage title voids the 100,000 mile warranty on oil burners and my car just consumed 12oz in 1,242 miles per the Subaru Dealership Test:(
(Failing is 10.7 or more in 1,200 miles)
I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, only owned the car about a month and this mess comes up.

Private auto lot is willing to work with me on replacement but I will have to pay a % of parts while they eat the labor cost. They want to buy a used low mileage engine who's production #does not fall within the list of problematic engines. I did find a NEW short block for about $1900 and I'm waiting for them to tell me how much they would want me to co-pay if we go that route. (I hope they will consider it)

(I know there is a search function and I am still sifting through the unorganized mess of results...) . but I know engine-out is an opportunity to take care of other items (new exedy clutch) and or mods... If all goes well I plan to own this car a long time, many cars I have owned have been seen a noticeable improvement in acceleration and city MPG from going to a lighter flywheel. (not talking race light, but lighter than stock) and I've already noticed the electronic rev-hang can be used to one's advantage where a flywheel might otherwise decelerate too fast.

So what's the word on 6MT flywheels for my Foz?
Anything else I should pay them to do while in there? (no I'm not having them install a front Torsen diff)

Thanks for the advice and thanks for the patience!
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