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2004 Forester XT 4EAT
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I'm buying a 1998 Forester S this weekend that has 170K miles and the infamous failed Head Gaskets

It will be receiving an EJ22T block w/the EJ25's DOHC heads/JDM EJ20K turbo cams/TD05-16G turbo and other related goodies.

I intend to Auto-X the car, but it's also going to be my daily driver, too, so needs to be reliable.

While the engine is out and it's accessible, I'm very interested in what suggestions for updating/upgrading are out there?

Here's a partial list I've started due to mileage:
- WRX/STi Rack
- STi Brake booster (if it'll fit the SF)
- WRX brakes - 11.4" vented twin-caliper piston. - Are they worth it and do I need the calipers/pistons/brackets? (Running 16" wheels for now)
- Clutch- was replaced @ 80K, but since it has 90K on it, it's due - Looking @ an upgrade that can handle (ultimately) 250hp/300 ft-lbs.
- Will the rear wheel bearings strand me if they go? They're original. If I get some warning I'll just let 'em be.
- Engine management for the turbo (15-20psi): fuel/timing/boost control
- Fuel Pump - Walbro?

Thank you!
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