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Yeah I did.. they explain how to get to the switches, the only bulb identified was the one for the auto shifter, which I believe is different? My local auto parts places (AutoZone, Advance Auto, etc) don't seem to carry anything like the ones in the switches, and the dealer wants a crazy amount per light... like $6 a lamp, and has to be special order.
I concur. I am having the same difficulty trying to figure out what bulb bases go where. There is no clear "list" that I have found that mentions bulb specs for different interior illuminations. The key areas I would like to know are bulb replacements for the auto-shifter and speedometer. Also, if I were to consider going the LED route, is it a straight foward bulb swap and to what bases? For the reading/map lights, is there a festoon with LEDs that is an easy swap, without any other fiddling?:confused:

There is a lot of instruction on how to do it, though, and that is a HUGE help.

Thanks for listening to my lamenting....:icon_frown:
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