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2014 2.5i Limited CVT
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Sometime during one of our numerous snow storms, someone hit the passenger outside mirror (auto-dimming with approach light) and damaged the housing and trim. This was a $199.99 option add when I bought the car new in Oct, and that included both outside mirrors.

When the person hit the mirror they broke the black trim that went around the edge of the mirror glass to the edge of the mirror housing. They also hit it hard enough that white upper and black lower front trim pieces didn't fit.

I wound up replacing the two trim pieces and the housing that mounts to the door (includes the motor). The dealer was able to reuse the mirror glass.

The bill? $498.00 for parts, $6.78 for labor. That is one expensive mirror -- so be careful out there. No point in making an insurance claim since I have $500.00 deductible.
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