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I've got a Python 4105 remote start with a Fortin Evo All. The wiring connection diagram from Fortin has Starter1 out and Starter2 out, both positive, going into the python. Problem is there is only one wire for Starter out in the python. How do I do the second starter wire? I've seen some on the 'net say you need to wire it with the fist with a relay, but it has not been on Subarus. If that is the case, what type of relay and how do I wire it with the starter wires?

I have the rest of the thing finished and it is hard to not be able to test it.

The is another thing, the python had two fused wires for 12 volt input, but there is only one wire on the car's ignition harness for 12v. Do I wire all three together, or just not use one of the inputs on the python?
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