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Hi all,

I have a question regarding central locking remotes for my 1999 Forester. Firstly, a bit of background:

I have a 1999 Forester GX, 79V Series. When I purchased the vehicle from a car yard (many years ago now) I was not given any remotes, only the regular key with the immobiliser transponder in it.

When I was recently under the dashboard to solve another issue, I noticed that I do have a factory keyless system already fitted and connected. This unit displays "Alpha Corp. Japan" along with its relevant part numbers.

I have obtained a quote from my local Subaru dealer for a remote to suit this model, which was in the region of $280.

My question is - is there an aftermarket remote that I can purchase and program to work with the "Alpha" keyless control unit? If yes, has anyone actually successfully performed this operation, specifically for a 1999 model?

I must also point out that this is an Australian model and as such will most likely be using a different system than other parts of the world. I have read the information at - - , but unfortunately the information on it is not relevant to the "Alpha" unit. They make reference to an "Alpine" unit which I presume is the factory unit used in different regions.

$280 just seems a little excessive for 1 remote, more so when it doesn't have any bearing on vehicle immobilsation, only the central locking system.

I have actually posted this question in the Australia / New Zealand section already, but I thought I would post it here as well in the off chance that someone might recall some information on the "Alpha" unit.

Any information that anyone has would be most welcome.

Thanks! :icon_biggrin:
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