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The Modfather
2019 Impreza 5dr Sport - Manual
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My Forester XT :) 2004 MT with a few mods here and there, I made it so clicking a mod will go to my scoobymods install page.

More pics here: 2004 Forester XT

Current list of mods I've done in no particular order:

Most all of which have been documented in excruciating detail on our website in the Forester Section:

Forester - ScoobyMods

glove box light retrofit
cabin air filter
Single turbo boost gauge OEM
V1 stealth install / remote display
cargo nets / setback and side OEM
Auto Dim / Compass Mirror / HomeLink
Front Bumper guard corner molding OEM
StonGard Clear-Bra
Debadged (all but AWD)
Window Tint 35% front 4 / 25% rear 35%
Arm Rest Extension OEM
Rubber Mats OEM
STi Drivers Side Wiper Blade
Mask Warning Label on Visors
Kartboy Battery Hold Down
Kartboy Short Shifter
TIC Shifter Bushings
Kartboy front and rear shifter bushings
Kartboy Rear Diff. X-member Bushings
Kartboy Tranny X-Member Bushings
OEM Subaru MOMO shift knob
02 JDM WRX STi Hood Scoop
WRX MOMO Steering wheel
WRX Pedals and Matching Dead Pedal
Redline Accessories Leather Shifter and e-brake boot.

WRX 4-Pot Front calipers w/ Carbotec Bobcat pads
Speed Bleeders
Brembo Front Rotors
00+ Legacy rear rotors
OZ Racing Superleggra 17" x 7 wheels w/ Good Year 225/50-17 F1 GS-D3
McGuard Spline drive lugnuts
20mm USDM 04' STi rear swaybar - mounting hardware
Kartboy front and rear sway bar end links
Mo_Boost Weldmount link supports
JDM Forester STi SG take-off suspension
Mo_Boost Rear strut tower truss style bar
STi front subframe brace
Cusco rear subframe brace w/ STi diffuser
Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings
Kartboy Botox Bolts (aka subframe locking bolts)

Grounding Mod
PIAA Ion crystal H3 Fog bulbs
FIAMM Highway Blaster horns
+50 Vision H4 headlamps
Wacky climate control fix
Upgraded Headlamp Harness from Susquahana Motorsports
Fog Light Mod (can run fogs independently)
Upgraded OEM subwoofer (cargo area)
DRL Disabled
Optima Red Top Battery
StonGuard Headlamp / Fog-lamp protectors
Dual DVD headunit
OEM Security Upgrade

Redline - Tranny - rear- motor - redline water wetter, coolant
Fumoto Oil Drain Valve
Helix Catch can
Cobb SF Short Ram Intake (since removed went back to stock)
Silencer Removal (AKA Snorkus) Green Filter Panel filter
OEM Fender hole plug
2.3mm boost restrictor
DIY IC Screen
Samco Silicone IC Y hose
IC Water Spray System
Mo_Boost Clock Replacment, Data Display and IC Auto Spray Controller
Cobb SS 3" Exhaust
Cobb SS Solid Uppipe
Cobb SS DownPipe
Kartboy Exhaust Hangers
Cobb AccessPORT - Stage 2

More pics here:

Best time so far 13.6 @ 101 MPH still need to go back to the track since I've done a few things since then...

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Hey there,

Are those 225/50/17's ? I have the same springs as you...and I'm wondering how the ride comfort is with that tire profile ? I have 225/55/17....and it feels decent...comfort wise....but I'm also leaving some handeling on the table.

Not that I have any......but would you say the ride comfort is "Inlaw Friendly" or not ?

Thanks Peaty

The Modfather
2019 Impreza 5dr Sport - Manual
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The ride is OK but not something I'd want to take on a very long ride. The thing is I have the Forester STi JDM suspension and it's stiffer than the OEM setup. That plays a big roll in the way it feels. It's not bone jarring by any means . It is tough to drink my coffee in the AM though. I have to be careful to not chip a tooth going over expansion joints ;)

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Sweet XT

I just wanted to say, that your red XT looks really sweet. I think thoose wheels look really good on it, they pick up on the gray color from the brush guard. There are a lot of nice looking black and silver ones, I think this one stands out!

171 Posts just don't see many of them at all. I have allegience to the Black Forester Clan of doubt....but the Red XT's look classy. We definitely need more pics of some modded ones here.


Fear the Gorilla!
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Oi8ur5.0 said: just don't see many of them at all. I have allegience to the Black Forester Clan of doubt....but the Red XT's look classy. We definitely need more pics of some modded ones here.

Oi8..I sent you a PM a while back. I travel through Frederick about 2-4 times per month from Pittsburgh to Leesburg. We should meet up and you can join our NOVA FXT clan. So far we have Alecksey (the flying russian), Myself (GTP), Maestro (Marco), Damwagn (Chris), and Jae (GroceryGetter). I am the only black FXT. I also want to see how your larger tires ride. Mine are 235-45-17s and tend to be a bit firm on my suspension.

PM me or holler back in a thread.

The Sub kit guy
2005 Forester XT VF39
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Summertime I use XT wheels, winter time I use painted Steel wheels w/snow tires.

I've added a new audio system (JVC CD/DVD HU, MB Quart speakers, JL 8" in sub location)
dash pocket LCD screen
Rear hatch lift bar
slush mats (for winter)
Tinted Windows

It is mainly the wifes daily driver so we went with an X over an XT. She wanted the better mileage (I take the bus). Plus it isn't as tempting to mod a NA engine. If we had an XT, I'd go broke upgrading every aspect of it. Maybe oneday... :)

AU MY06 XS Luxury Auto
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I passed up on a red MY06 XSL because I thought the colour just wasn't quite right, despite my outgoing MY92 Liberty/Legacy was also a red colo(u)r.

I have to say however, it's a different story with the MY06 XTs. There's just something about the bonnet scoop and 17 inch 5-spoke wheels that just makes red a great combination.

canyon red SF,new owner!

after a weekends worth of waxing and detailing, and then painted the stock rims gunmetal metallic today. comin along!:cool:


also any suggestions on springs? ive heard the Tien's lower about 1.5in, but id like a bit more drop than that, but with a decent ride.
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