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05 Echo AT
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Hi guys,

I'm new here, and new to Fozzies in general, but am looking to replace my current car (an 05 Toyota Echo Auto). I have looked around and found a couple of models to my liking - but am looking for a little advice.

My daily work round trip (to and from) is around 15-20km, and (on average) once a month I make a trip to/from my parents place (which is approx 500km round trip).

That being said, I am tossing up between a 2011 2.0D Premium (for 27.5k) with 71000 on the odo, and a 2011 XT (for 26.5k) with 68000 on the odo.

Would you guys recommend the diesel or the petrol - seeing as my daily commute is not very long...

Looking forward to hearing what you guys come up with.
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