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Recommendation - looking at purchasing a 2014

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As a past 2-time Subaru owner I know that the members on here are the experts.
I'm looking at purchasing a 2014 Forester. What should I look out for?
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Oil consumption has been an issue with some 2014's. Here's a long thread about it:

I believe these were the units that were susceptible to oil consumption:

Automatic / CVT Transmission:
2011-14 Forester (below VIN *529004)
Manual Transmission:
2011-15 Forester (below VIN *543650

If one of the above vehicles is suspected having an oil consumption problem, a Subaru dealer will perform a consumption test. If the vehicle fails the test, Subaru will replace the short block. I think there were some time and mileage limitations on Subaru's goodwill gesture so check on that. Also check that it applies to a non-original owner.
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I bought a 2011 forester runs well - but...

90 and 120k maintenance will most likely be needed which can cost $$ depending on your abilities: the usual filters and fluids, tranny fluid, gear oil, PCV valve (generally overlooked), etc. - plus spark plugs and maybe a fuel filter change which maybe smarter to just by the whole assembly (pump and filter as a unit).

As far as oil consumption extended warranty, SOA is strict at 8 years or 100K miles (whichever comes first). I bought my vehicle at 110K and discovered I was burning 1qt per 1200 miles. SOA would provide no love (and this was my 3rd Subaru - 2 used and 1 new). I'm going to try the Valvoline 0w20 MaxLife high mileage oil to see if that tames it.

Regardless the vehicle runs great and interior seems to wear well. In fact, I installed a tranny cooler and towed a 2000 lbs. teardrop travel trailer from Ohio to Florida (round-trip) with no problems (avg 15.6 MPG while towing on that trip).
My MPG (not towing) is 26.7 highway and 23/24 in the city.

Good luck!
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Used Forester

We just bought a 2014 Forester 2.5 Premium for my wife with 67,000 miles, paid $14,950 was this a good price?
I didn't think about the oil consumption issue, hoping I don't have that problem. I drive a 2017 XT and it has no oil problem at all.

Thanks Bob
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