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Hi all ...
I've been fiddling with cars for 40 years now. In past years I had a love affair with Renaults, rallied a series of R8s, some of which I managed not to roll. Then moved on to Mitsubishi for 20 years. Had a Mazda 323 GTX AWD for six years. My current toy is a 93 Eagle Summit "GTX" coupe with 2L turbo and AWD conversion.

So I really do like AWD.

About a year ago I wanted to replace my aging 93 Eagle Summit AWD Wagon with an Outlander, but the local Mitsu dealer's attitude was "... not buying a car today? Get lost..."

So a month later I bought a 2005 Impreza wagon. Nice car with some, er, quirks. A few days ago I purchased a 98 Forester S for my son, which is why I joined this forum.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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