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rebuilt engine timing issues

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I have a 98 forester with an newly rebuilt n/a ej25 dcoh. long story short with live data on an obd2 scanner the idling timing runs between 15-19 degrees cold or warm. starts like timing off.
I have double check the timing belt all marks line up.

things ive replaced
plug wires
coil pack
cam position sensor
crank position sensor
knock sensor
coolant temp sensor
new battery
both o2 sensors

cleaned the idle control and throttle body.
its sound timing belt or pulley related
i'm stuck.

thanks mike
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I see its a newly rebuilt engine. Is it the original engine, or a replacement? I have read many times about engine swaps in the EJ series and sometimes with varying years, you have to swap cam shaft pulleys or the timing "gear" thing that the sensor picks up. They had different number of teeth through some of the different years.

Just a thought from me. No doubt wrong if you rebuilt the original engine, but could be an issue if you were sold a rebuilt engine.....
its a replacement engine with all of the old timing pulleys and crank trigger transferred over.
I forgot to say the engine a idle is rough motor wiggles alot. at higher idle smooths out.
I also replaced to the fuel filter
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