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This is on a 2005 Subaru 2.5X.

I did a search and saw the "rear wiper leaks under acceleration" (which I can't link to because of forum rules) thread, and even looked at the part number (86634AA010), but according to the catalog that check valve is only for 2002 to 2004 cars.

My front nozzles work just fine, and there's plenty of washer fluid in the tank. Car is garaged overnight and I'm in Arizona anyway, so it doesn't freeze here. The rear wiper does move when I turn the dial, it's just that the fluid doesn't come out.

Any ideas what I should be looking at? Any DIY threads would be great too.
Check the little hole in the nozzle for wax residue. If you see the clog, be careful with any tool picking it out. Try alcohol to dissolve the wax. A wire brush is a good source for a small stiff wire. Although there may be mildew/fungus buildup in the line somewhere too.
Here's a link to another post on the forum with a similar issue...
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