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2007 Forester LL Bean AT 4eat
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Can anyone help me with a list of Rear View Mirrors with the compass and auto-dimming features which are a direct swap for a 2007 Forester LL Bean? Google has offered no help on this one.

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@Mooglover I installed one in both our Foresters. I'm going to guess the '03-'08 fitment is the same with the newer model appearance being slightly different.

I'm pretty sure Jackie, @SubaruPartsGirl here on the forum could verify the fitment. She's a forum supporting vendor & a parts wiz! Her direct number at Annapolis Subaru is (866) 509-3019.

If you buy used, make sure you get the replacement "spring", as it's different from the one on your standard mirror.

Take a look at this write up in my Member Journal: Auto dimming mirror with compass installed :wink:

If you tint the windows, the auto dimming feature is pretty much worthless, as the window tint will reduce the rear vehicle headlight brightness.


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