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Hello, my name is fox and I’m new to this forum. I have a 2007 Subaru Forester L.L. Bean. My rear shocks are original SLS shocks and I’m looking to replace them non-sls and also looking to do the work myself as getting them done anywhere is quite expensive.

My question is can I replace the rear shocks with Monroe quick struts (the complete set up with springs) Part numbers 172445 and 172446 Monroe? They say they aren’t for self leveling but if they come assembled with springs I’m wondering if those springs it comes with would keep the rear from sagging or if I need to get some OEM Subaru coil spring non-sls replacements.

If I need the Subaru coils could anyone help me out with the part number for Non-sls coils?

Could I use the Subaru coils with Monroe struts?

Thanks ! Any help is appreciated . I love this car but I don’t want to replace with SLS shocks because they seem to fail often.

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