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Rear spoiler/dust deflector

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Quick question,

Is there only one kind of rear spoiler/dust deflector for 04/05 Foresters, in general?

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I wonder how close the '08 Steel Silver Metallic would be? :confused:
Not sure about steel silver, but I sold a steel gray metallic spoiler to AlkiSubaru a while back and he installed it on his PSM Forester. You can tell it's a different color, but not in-your-face different:

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There are also unpainted replicas available on ebay: Subaru 2004 2008 Forester Rear Wing Hatch Roof Spoiler | eBay
Any 03-08 spoiler will fit. If it has the spoiler-mounted brake light like the ones on ebay, you'll probably have to do some wiring.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts