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Rear spoiler/dust deflector

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Quick question,

Is there only one kind of rear spoiler/dust deflector for 04/05 Foresters, in general?

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the spoiler, with body color paint.
Thanks sleeper.

I saw that thread too, but platinum silver is discontinued :icon_sad:
Well I'm in Canada, so shipping is going to be very expensive to ship a spoiler.

I did check with my local dealer and they quoted me only $160, I think they must've looked up the dust deflector instead..
Thank you!

The contrast is actually kind of nice.

The ebay one would be ok, they are just spoilers. And shipping to Canada is only $20, very reasonable.

Do 04/05 share the same dimensions as the 06-08 Foresters? Would my FXT be wired for the spoiler light? I've sound deadened the trunk so this could be fun:biggrin:
Depending on the color of your car, you should check with Jackie (SubaruPartsGirl) on the forum here.
1 - 7 of 14 Posts