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Rear spoiler/dust deflector

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Quick question,

Is there only one kind of rear spoiler/dust deflector for 04/05 Foresters, in general?

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The spoiler... sometimes called a wing, or the plastic dust defector? :confused:


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the spoiler, with body color paint.
The only difference I know of is the one on the '08 Sports had a brake light built into the spoiler & those are difficult to find. :frown:

I bought my spoiler from Jackie, SubaruPartsGirl here on the forum. Here's a link to her thread :wink:


['07 FSXT MODding Journal] ['03 X MODding Journal]
Thanks sleeper.

I saw that thread too, but platinum silver is discontinued :icon_sad:
I wonder how close the '08 Steel Silver Metallic would be? :confused:

To have a scoop painted ran me over $100, so I'm going to guess a spoiler would cost a bit more to have it painted to match your body color. :frown:


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Well I'm in Canada, so shipping is going to be very expensive to ship a spoiler.

I did check with my local dealer and they quoted me only $160, I think they must've looked up the dust deflector instead..
I wonder how close the '08 Steel Silver Metallic would be? :confused:
Not sure about steel silver, but I sold a steel gray metallic spoiler to AlkiSubaru a while back and he installed it on his PSM Forester. You can tell it's a different color, but not in-your-face different:

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There are also unpainted replicas available on ebay: Subaru 2004 2008 Forester Rear Wing Hatch Roof Spoiler | eBay
Thank you!

The contrast is actually kind of nice.

The ebay one would be ok, they are just spoilers. And shipping to Canada is only $20, very reasonable.

Do 04/05 share the same dimensions as the 06-08 Foresters? Would my FXT be wired for the spoiler light? I've sound deadened the trunk so this could be fun:biggrin:
Any 03-08 spoiler will fit. If it has the spoiler-mounted brake light like the ones on ebay, you'll probably have to do some wiring.
I've been thinking to buy this item Click. It has a reasonable price but it is painted and I assume the spoiler can be repainted in any desirable colour, correct?
Here is unpainted but a price is much higherthis
Depending on the color of your car, you should check with Jackie (SubaruPartsGirl) on the forum here.
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