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Rear Rotor/ Handbrake trouble

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I just changed my rotors and pads on the front and rear. The front brakes were very easy. When I got to the rear though, ran into some issues.

When I went to put the rotor on, it wouldn't slide over the handbrake shoes. I tried the old rotor and it slid right on. I checked the part numbers and this is the rotor for my car ( Centric Premium Brake Rotor Single Rear Subaru Models (inc. 2002-2005 WRX) 120.47011 at ). I went in and adjusted the shoe using the star adjuster. I adjusted it until the rotor fit but I had to loosen the adjuster almost all the way (there is very little tension left in it judging by feel). I had to do the same thing to the other side to get the rotor on. The handbrake lever pulls to half the height it used to.

I went for a drive after putting everything together and there is some resistance in the handbrake. You can hear a faint grinding/scraping noise coming from it while coasting. When I pulled the brake lever while moving, the brake did not apply smoothly at all and it's loud.

What's going on?
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I'm under the car again. rotor is off. took a lot of effort with the m8 bolts. I backed off the star adjuster all the way. I'll attach a pic to show what i'm talking about. I'll also attach a pic of the new and old rotor side by side. I swear it's the same size and everything. The only relevant difference I see is that the lip for the ebrake shoe is "carved" out more. I'll show what i'm talking about in the pic.

My question:
If I put everything back together and it still scrapes, will I be fine? Will it work itself out? I mean this is just the parking brake. I don't think the issue is tied to anything else.

Thanks for your help.


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Well with everything back together, everything seems to be functioning fine. I just think it's a bit weird that I had to adjust the handbrake so drastically. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
The old rotor was very worn?

If you have a micrometer, go ahead and compare the new and old rotor. Try to find a buddy with a cylinder bore gauge, you can use that to measure the inside diameter of the brake drum. It might be out of spec.
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