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Picking up my mother from the airport, we were rear ended twice whilst driving!
I started to video him just in case he tried again.

As I slow down he overtakes us, so I persue him, not even very fast, it was all quite surreal.
It had just started to rain after the mediterranean summer and the road was super-slick. The guy slams on his anchors on his brand-new rental Quashqai, and it stopped dead. I saw, braked, but the Forry’s 20 year old ABS, along with the well used Geolandars were not quite up to 2018 Quashqai standards and we thumped him in the rear.

The chap then pulls away again, clumsily colliding with some road work barriers, and stops once again, blocking our way.
He then climbs out of his car and comes over to my window, boasting and insulting me quite violently, meanwhile we remain in the car, still recording....

His car then begins to roll backwards towards us, the smart fellow had not put on the handbrake. Bang! The fourth impact ensued.

He gets tired of his tirade, climbs into his car and leaves. I follow him a short way at his leisurely pace, until the turn-off for the police station, where I duly report the attack.

Tailgate, bumper, bumper inner, rear panel, bonnet, grille, bumper, nudge bar, bonnet support panel and a million clips were destroyed. A €4,500 repair according to the garage estimate, insurance values my prized car at €1500.
As I wait for insurance, solicitors and the courts to get a move on, I have dutifully unbent, twisted, clamped and tied most back together, and the car is fine, if not a little sad looking.

The police found the Quashqai abandoned, it is a rental car. Unfortunately they are not going to persue the Austrian gentleman in Austria, so we have a legal fight with rental and insurance companies.....
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Bumper Automotive exterior

Photos of car and Austrian psycho attached.

Mother and son unharmed. That’s a strong car! 💪🚙


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