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Good day all, recently picked up a 99 Forester that has what sounds like to me a bad right rear wheel bearing.

I was about to go pick up a bearing, press, slide hammer, and find some time to have at it, when I had a thought: "There are so many of these rigs in the Northwest US, that I wonder if it would be more time and cost effective just to swap in a known good hub carrier with bearing from a second hand source."

So, my question is, besides the Forester of the same generation, does anyone know what other Subaru uses the same carrier, if any? I've been poking around, and it looks like the Impreza of the same year/era will fit the bill, which seem to have many more commonly available second hand parts. Which makes sense that it should fit, as it also sounds like from my limited knowledge base, that most of the suspension also fits the Forester.

I'd keep the SF's strut, disc brake assembly, axle, etc., but I'm wondering if the axle diameter/splines should be the same, along with the same parking brake assembly, and whatever else I might not be thinking about before my first cup of coffee.

Upon first glance, it should, but has anyone else gone this route and have some first hand experience?

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