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2005 Forester XT
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Long story with a good ending.
The rear bumper on my 05' FXT has really gotten some abuse in only 33000 miles. First I bumped into my sailboat trailer hitch and put a dent in it. Then, I rolled into a low post in a parking lot and if that wasn't enough some "A hole" backed into the left rear corner at the Home Depot. So, I decided I should at least get the big bump out of the corner. I tried pushing it back out and some of it did come out, not all and still a huge dent was there. I thought at this point, well find a replacement, bite the big one and pay for shipping too. Then, one day someone up the street from me was having their dents popped out by a 'mobile dent repair guy'. While running errands, I passed these guys a couple of times; next thing I know they are flagging me down a few minutes later a price was agreed on and they got that bump out. Its not perfect but its out they insisted on painting it too and I knew that the outcome would not be good. So, they were good dent removers but not good painters. I ended up removing what they put on. Now it needed paint and that is something I have done.

I found a place on the internet that sells paint to match for just this purpose. In fact the paint they sent is a perfect match. The car is '51e' subie white with no clear. Following the application instructions, they provided, and using their undercoat and plastic primer, adding a ton of patience and time to sand and prep and the finish turned out great. I could have bought this in quart form and used one of my pro grade spray guns or airbrushes but I opted to go with their aerosol cans. (New pro grade spray tips do make a difference and there is no mixing and thinning.)
I was amazed at how well this paint matches.
The bumper isn't perfect I opted to leave a little dent where my trailer hitch popped it since the left corner isn't perfect but is so much better.
Next project will be the hood... those damn bugs really do a number on it.

Not doing an ad for this place but they can be found at Touch Up Paint, Aerosol Spray Paint and Paint Touch Up Accessories
A few pics


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