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1999 Forester 2L Auto
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Hi their new to the forum and im in desperate help a friend has asked me to sort out her car, so as you do ive searched on google for a friendly forum ive had a quick look around and a quick read to get a bit more knowledge on the engine.

My problem is the radiator it has a huge hole in it and needs replacing theyve got a radiator in down the local motorfactors for the uk model which i have just offered up to my friends forester understanding that its an import im struggling to find a radiator on the cheap and the correct one? has anyone got a part number for one where i could just ring up my local motorfactor to order in or some more information as to where i could find another one from as in another car ? i dont mind if its second hand either as long as it gets my friend back on the road for a couple of weeks? i can also pick up if its local to milton keynes,uk

Cheers for your help

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