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So, I did something stupid last weekend...I drove my Fozzie into the trailer hitch of my own parked truck. Long story, but the gist is that I was parked behind my truck, threw it into reverse in a hurry, and hit the gas way too hard...and then discovered the hard way that I wasn't in reverse.

To avoid the inevitable insurance headaches that come along with banging two of my own vehicles together, I'm thinking about just fixing the Forester myself. I've done some bodywork in the past, but only with bolt-on replacement parts like fenders. In this case, I'm going to have to replace the bumper skin, the grille, the bumper reinforcement bar, the radiator, the a/c condenser and the radiator support bracket. Yeah...I hit it HARD. By my estimate, after calling around a bit, it's about $850 in parts with a mix of wrecking yard finds, aftermarket parts and NOS OEM items. I'm just putting a textured bumper cover on it to avoid having to paint it (which works anyway, as my Forester likes to play in the dirt).

The only real question I have is about the radiator support assembly, which carries everything from the radiator to the bumper and headlight mounts. Apparently, this is a bolt-on part in some cars and is a weld-in part for other cars. Before I completely disassemble the front end of this thing, does anyone happen to know which method the 2006 Forester uses and whether this is a doable repair in a reasonably well-equipped home garage?
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