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Radiator help - STI

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Afternoon all.

Want to replace my radiator, anyone aware of an up-rated radiator that swaps in easily?
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i suppose theres mishimoto and koyo rad, both aluminum radiators.
Thanks, will check those out and see what I can find!!
I fitted a pattern part rad its perfectly good , im running 464hp and 459ft lbs . I always wanted to upgrade to a nice shiny ali one tho .
Not sure what model Car yours is, but I was able to put a Mishimoto radiator fan shroud into my 2012 SH Forester Diesel.

The shroud was for a 08-14 WRX/STi. I just chose the one that had the closest mounting holes (based on pictures), and took a punt.

Since upgrading the shroud, the stock radiator cools much more efficiently. The temp doesn’t fluctuate much at all (looking at ODB2 data), and the fan doesn’t come on when stopped at traffic lights like it used to (which was most of the time).

So I think the shrouding must allow air to flow through the rad better, and maybe the fan blades don’t impede flow as much as the stock ones do (Mishi’s will rotate with air flow, as stock probably don’t as they are stiffer to rotate).

I found only one mounting hole to be off by about 1cm, so I just made a small L shaped bracket. And one hole on the overflow is off by about 2mm. Less likely to happen if it’s a petrol engine to petrol engine, rather than the petrol to diesel.

And I had to change the pin config to suit my model, which wasn’t a big deal. Just used wiring diagram and tested to confirm.

It’s been on there for over a year, with no problems, it looks tidy. And anecdotedly I’d say the performance is better. I was also initially looking to put a better radiator in (as well as intercooler), but the shroud has made all the difference I needed.

As for intercooler, the stock one is fine for my engine, it’s the EGR that causes the increased temps (I can see it change when EGR closes). There is a small EGR heat exchanger that sits under the Intercooler, which I have now heat shielded, and I’m going to run a cool air pipe to the exchanger to help with cooling (it might help reduce intake temps a little, we’ll see).

Also if your engine is running too hot, maybe check you AFR. Might be too lean.
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