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1999 Forester
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A few months ago I asked for input about whether or not I should keep my old forester that had some rust, needed a clutch, and really needed some suspension work.

So... the journey began with a clutch job, quick and dirty paint job, and complete suspension swap from an 04 XT with Subtle lift blocks.

Along the way I also needed to replace the master clutch cylinder, front right turn signal (flew off after I painted), and I installed a keyless entry system. I also shaved the passenger door lock as it was rusting in that area.

Overall the car drives really, really well now and the 1" lift does make the car feel a little more like a ute and less like a wagon.

This will probably end up being a waste of time and money, but I've really enjoyed bringing my old foz back to life. I used to dread driving it because of the suspension, but now it handles as well as my newer Subarus.

Here are some before and after pics (the 'after' pics are iphone taken.. if there is interest I'll take some better shots) First two are after, others are from Christmas when I was going to sell the car.

Thanks for everyone's advice and help getting me parts.



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