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Quick question

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Are there any differences in the fog lights for a 98/99 and a 2002

as the only one available at the mo would be from a 2002, just a thought before I buy it and it doesnt fit

2002 SUBARU FORESTER TURBO ENGINE BREAKING SPARES on eBay (end time 23-Jan-10 19:03:25 GMT)
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I dont think so, but don't quote me on that.

I'm after one at the moment as well and none of the breakers I've spoken to so far have said there's a difference, but then none of them have got any so its hard to check :icon_rolleyes:
I can get one for £45 delivered but it will be for a 2002, if its the same Im ok, if its not it will fit yours, you happy having it, if it doesnt fit

does that make sense ?

Im half cut
Different part numbers......

Fog lamp PN on opposed forces

Not listed as alternates and the later one looks more rounded to my eyes, so don't think its a goer!

thats why I asked, cheers

ok back to searching
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