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2009 Forester XT Automatic
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I need some quick help. Normally I will spend weeks, even months researching this stuff. However, I came across a deal on some Rota Boost 17x8 +48. They currently have 225/45-17 Conti's on them. I'm going to ditch them because I know it's going to look odd, even with my '09 SH being lowered on STI suspension.

My question is this...
Does anyone know if I'm going to run into any issues running 245/45-17 on my current setup. I've ran through various calculators online and I just can't figure it out. I feel like I'm not getting anywhere

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you,

Vehicle: 2009 FXT
Current wheels: Stock 17" with 225/55-17's.
Suspension: 2008 STI take-offs
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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