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Shopping for a Premium or possibly Sport.

Looking ONLY for a Premium that has the push button start and all weather package.

I cannot figure out a way to tell if the Premiums that are on the dealers webpages have said equipment. The sticker price is all over the place, based on factory (and sometimes dealer too) installed options, so cant seem to tell by that. Most dealers do not have actual pics of their cars either, just the "stock" pictures, so I cant even look and see if I can see the heated seat controls etc.

The last time I was really shopping for a Subie hard was in ~2013, at which time you could click on a options tab and it would list the add-ons installed at the factory. What Id REALLY like to see would be a way to see the actual window sticker! My boss was showing me Ford has on their site when browsing inventory you can click on a PDF and it will show you the actual window sticker of said car.

Given the multitude of packages, options, accessories, I am finding it very difficult to find what Im looking for and to make somewhat apples/apples comparisons between dealers.

Does anyone know of a better way to do this?
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