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2006 Forester X Premium Manual
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Hi Everybody, I'm hoping you can help me with a few questions about the PCV system in my 06 Forester X

I just replaced my PCV valve because I thought that may be the cause of some oil loss. The valve was pretty clogged and you could barely hear the ball inside shaking.

Anyway, While I was replacing the valve, I took a close look at all the other hoses that are (probably) related to the PCV system and I'm a little confused. I really just want to understand how this works and where an oil catch can comes into play.

looking at the below diagram, hose number 5 is connected right below the PCV Valve, and eventually connects to the front of the torque box

From the left and right sides of the torque box, hoses then go back to the valve cover. It would appear this set up is just recycling the oil back to the engine?

With all that said, here are my questions:
  1. What is the point of the torque box in all this? The only thing I read the torque box does is give allow there to be an air reserve for low end torque. Nobody ever mentions the other hoses.
  2. What is the function of #4 in the diagram? its connected to a 2 pin electrical connector. Some kind of pressure sensor?
  3. How does an oil catch can come into play? I read a lot about the turbo engines are connected, but I'm not understanding exactly how you apply it to the NA engines.

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