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So I just got my primitive skid plate in the mail the other day. I ordered the skid plate with header spacers to clear my Borla Replicas. Unfortunately, even with the spacers, the plate did not clear the headers. So for now, I decided to swap back on my stock exhaust manifold.

When reinstalling the old exhaust manifold, it was impossible for me to get access to the innermost bolt that connects to the cat. I remember it not being this difficult when I took it off to bolt up my new headers. So to get clearance, I took off the small portion of the heat shield right where it connects to the cat. I drew a terrible picture in MS Paint until I can take real pictures.

My question is, by removing that small portion of the heat shield, am I going to suffer any damage?

TLDR - Removed small portion of exhaust manifold heat shield. Will it cause damage?

I apologize for the disturbing drawing. I will take pictures tomorrow.
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