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Proper Storage for AT, AC, etc.? - spare parts storage

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I recently purchased a 2005 Forester with minor front end damage at salvage and transplanted the EJ253 engine into my 2005 Outback. I also saved the transmission, AC compressor, power steering pump, starter, alternator, and various other parts anticipating the need to replace the original Outback parts whenever they wear out. I then scrapped the shell of the Forester.

Is there anything I could/should do to properly store those parts to ensure they work a year or four in the future? The transmission did leak about a pint of fluid as it was being pulled.

Thanks for your advice!
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The seals on the AC compressor will dry out and leak in the future since they are not being lubricated whenever the compressor is running. Possibly the same with the power steering pump, so you maybe better of just selling those parts and pocketing the cash.

The starter and alternator should work just fine since they are electronic parts primarily.

The transmissions kind of iffy as well, again not certain the seals internally if there are any will survive, but I am not 100% certain if you will have problems at all, you may be lucky and 4 years from now have a working transmission, hard to say.
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