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2006 normally aspirated Forester with 175K mi -

Finished 4 doors and hatch. Down 4-5 db at idle and 6-7 db at 65 mph on smooth highway. I did not test before or after on a rough road.

Used Raamat as instructed. Only used Ensolite in 8" circles behind the speakers, but over the Raamat.

My Pioneer AVH-x3600BHS with Polk door speakers is more listenable cranked to "15" now then it was at "20" at 65 MPH.

Used some hobbyist pillow foam in the cavities around the hatch as well as Raamat.
In August when I replace the carpets I will do the kick panels and the rear by the wheel wells.

This project was well worth the time and effort but I did hurt my back working on each door! So I took 2 weeks to do the five doors. I am retired, and could afford the time. YMMV.
Since the previous post, my cat finally had to be replaced and I went with 2.25" I.D. cat, pipes, resonator, and muffler.

That added a low frequency boominess on acceleration but did not cause an overall increase in noise that interfered with either conversation or the audio settings.

Then two weeks ago I paid an audio shop to pull the seats and the carpeting and with my assistance we used my remaining materials and foam to stuff the kick panels, insulate the firewall, cover the floor, and cover and stuff the rear wheel well voids .

Boom is gentler, AC can be run at lower fan speed, and the audio setting is comfortable at 65 MPH 3 notches lower, at "12". I had not expected the bonus from having more heat insulation. High AC fan speed is more obtrusive than I had thought.

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Generational and intergenerational differences

There seems to be differences between the Forester generations in the OEM application of sound deadening techniques. There also seems to be differences between the '16 and '17 in gen. 4. I did a lot of research and found that dampers barriers and absorbers each have specific purposes. I would be nice to know where and what sound treatments are most effective in which generation and mid generations of Forester. As some here have experienced taking a shotgun approach is often not efficient.

421 - 426 of 426 Posts
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