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I looked long and hard for a suitable solution for holding my iPhone. I use an iPhone based GPS, as well as a headhphone plug auxillary cable to go into the stereo. Note I do have the factory iPod adapter, but it doesn't do what I want. Doesn't charge, hard to navigate, and it is a very short cable so it has to stay in the iPod tray in the console. My criteria for a mount included a mount in the line of sight for gps, charging capability, and good fit and finish. Amazon has a lot of suction cup style mounts that have generally poor reviews, and you end up with a bunch of cables running to the windshield. GPS sucks battery life big time, so plugging in is a necessity. In one of the amazon reviews someone mentioned ProClip, that is how I found out about them.

Their premise is that they use existing nooks and crannies for each design. You have to buy both a car mount ($30-40) plus a phone holder (another $30 or so), more expensive than others but well worth it.

I chose the one that mounts over the stereo. I wrongly ordered a mount that was padded, and wouldn't work with my iPhone 3GS in it's case. I use an Otter Box Commuter TL and while slim, the padded holder didn't work. Thankfully they have an adjustable model that is very easy to use and works with slim silicone cases like mine. Returning was relatively easy and I had a new one shipped soon.

Installing was easy, they give you a tool to spread the little gaps open in the trim, and the mount then securely fits into them. Very well engineered product. The mount swivels, but I keep mine upright. I can easily charge and use the aux ports. I highly recommend this product as an innovative solution for all iPhone owners.


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