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Problems with images hosted on Photobucket

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For the past few months Photobucket has been trying to entice people with free accounts to move up to paid subscriptions. They are doing this by introducing increasingly ominous restrictions, and now they they have finally got to the point of no return. And they have made it especially hard for those of us who have used their site to host images for use on a forum. Photobucket’s new rules have left me with no choice but to withdraw from membership, and to delete all my pictures.

This will cause disruption to the many tutorials and other posts of a technical nature that I have made here during my long span of membership. My goal is to repost all of these in the forum’s own gallery, but that will take a while.

In the meantime, if you should be looking at one of my posts (or anybody else’s) and get an error message where a picture ought to be, go over to the left sidebar, click the triangle icon, and report the post, with a quick description of why you are reporting it. If it’s one of mine, I’ll put it at the top of my list. If it’s somebody else’s, we will do our best to track it down and get it fixed.
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