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2001 Impreza
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I recently purchased a used Compass/Temperature/Altimeter/Barometer Gauge Pack unit. I then purchased the OEM harnesses, thermosensor, and hardware from the dealer.

I installed it last night without any problems. However, I have a problem with the temperature readings.

It seems like the temperature reading does not increase, unless I let the car sit there (engine off).

For example, I left my house this morning, and the temperature reading was a solid 61*F throughout my 40 mile commute. I thought it didn't make sense because when I looked up the temperature on my phone, it was clearly 72*F. Plus, it felt ALOT warmer than 61*F.

When I came back to my car 3 hours later, the temperature reading was ~80*F. I thought this was the correct temperature. Cool. On my commute home, the temperature reading decreased, as it should, and correctly read the temperature at my house.

I had to go pickup some food, so I left the house again, and went to a warmer area to get food. It was OBVIOUSLY warmer, but the temperature was still the same as when I left my house. Finally, when I came back home, the temperature decreased 1*F.

Is something wrong with my thermosensor? Although I don't own a Forester, after searching around, it seems like this was a popular option for these cars.

I'm sure the thermosensor gets adequate airflow, as I placed it on the radiator support (under the hood latch), and behind the grille.

Thanks in advance!
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