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2004 Forester
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My 2004 Forester has been having starting problems. When I turn the key, about half the time nothing happens. For some months, when I turned it again and made sure the clutch was all the way down, it would then start. But now it is having more trouble. I took it to a good repair place (not a dealer) who said the battery is fine, starter seems fine, but that he has seen some cases where there is interference of some sort between the starter and the security system that locks and unlocks the car. He said that if you press the lock and unlock buttons on the keyfob, the car will start. He tried to reprogram the keyfob, but it didn't work. Since he told me that, every time I have had the problem, I've pressed the buttons a few times, and it does turn over.

I reported this to the dealer in town to see what they had to say, and they said they've never heard of such a thing, and they'd have to take apart the steering column and try to figure out what's going on (which sounds expensive).

Has anyone had or heard of a similar problem? Would it be possible to simply disconnect the immobilizer if that is the problem? Any advice?
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