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►► NOTICE ◄◄
Please READ!​

Maximum of three (3) active classifieds threads per member, per classifieds forum. Members with more than three active listings must combine their items to comply with this, or a moderator may do it for you.
You must be registered for a minimum of 15 days and have contributed 15 "worthwhile" posts to be able to post a new FS - For Sale threads in any of the Classifieds section forums.
Spamming/Post Whoring the forum to reach the required post count will not be tolerated! Ads will be removed without notice and infractions issued.
  1. This forum is intended for private, member to member classified listings only - absolutely no vendor posts or listings of commercial nature.
  2. The item(s) you are selling must be yours and currently in your possession; please, no selling on behalf of non-members or offering items you have yet to acquire.
  3. You may not sell any items you produce or services you provide; this is considered vending, and you must obtain vendor status before doing so.
  4. You must be an active member of the community (i.e. regularly participate in areas of the forum other than the classifieds) and have the common courtesy to update your classified listing(s) and/or respond to inquiries and posts in your thread(s) within a reasonable amount of time. Any classified thread that has not had any participation by the thread creator in 30 days or more is subject to closure. Members who use the classifieds forum as nothing more than their personal "greensheet" and fail to show constructive participation in other areas of the forum are subject to having their classifieds privileges revoked.
  5. A detailed description of the item(s) for sale must be provided in your thread. Please do not post links to FS threads on other sites, Craigslist posts, ebay listings, etc. in lieu of providing your own complete description.
  6. No "Feelers" or "gauging interest" threads - the car is either for sale/trade or it isn't. Do not list a car here just to see what it may be worth to someone if you are not fully committed to selling. There are many online vehicle appraisers (KBB, NADA, Edmunds TMV) available for that purpose, or you may ask for other members' input in the "What's My Foz Worth?" thread. When you're ready to sell/trade, post it up here with a price.
  7. Your listing must include an asking price.
  8. No price police or other policing of ads please. If you have an issue with an ad report it for the attention of staff.
  9. No auction-style selling, please - this isn't ebay.
  10. You must actively monitor your classifieds thread, replying to member questions. If you are not actively monitoring your thread, it will be closed.
  11. Maximum of three (3) active classifieds threads per member, per classifieds forum. Members with more than three active listings must combine their items to comply with this, or a moderator may do it for you.
  12. You may bump your classifieds thread(s) once per day.
  13. After your item is no longer available, please update your thread accordingly by marking your listing as SOLD. You may also use the "report post" button to ask the staff to close your thread.
  14. Items that are not to be sold in the classifieds include weapons of any kind, alcohol, tobacco, animals, gift cards, illegal copies of software, repair manuals, etc., and non-tangible items (e.g. online game accounts).
Safe Buying/Selling Guidelines
  1. Anyone who engages in a monetary transaction with another member of this forum does so at their own risk. For your own protection, deal only with those members who have established a good reputation, or someone who has been recommended by other members whom you trust.
  2. Sellers should provide accurate and pertinent information on their item(s) for sale to minimize misunderstandings and false expectations. Item descriptions should include at a minimum:
    • Item brand and model
    • Part number (if available)
    • Location
    • Condition (new/used, good, fair, blemished, etc.)
    • Quantity
    • Asking price
    • Shipping availability
    • Any defects or issues the buyer should be aware of
  3. Pictures are not required, but highly suggested for the same reasons as above. You can post images using the "Manage Attachments" feature in the post editor, or use free hosting services like imgur or TinyPic.
  4. Buyer and seller should agree on all transaction and shipping details before any money is exchanged.
  5. Items should only be shipped via major carriers (ex. FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS) unless another viable carrier is agreed upon by both parties.
  6. Items should be insured for their approximate value.
  7. Items should be packaged well to prevent damage during shipment.
  8. If available, seller should provide buyer with tracking information.
  9. If contact with seller is lost, buyer should file a dispute with Paypal after 3 unsuccessful contact attempts.
  10. Any questionable or suspicious threads or posts should be reported immediately using the "Report Post" button.
Attention Paypal Users:

We highly advise against using Paypal's "Gift" option as a means of payment for an item. Gifts have no attachment to goods/services, and this can be a problem not only for the buyer, but also the seller.
  • For example, if you sell an item to someone and ask them to "gift" the payment to you to avoid paying fees, you have virtually no protection if the buyer files an "Unauthorized" dispute, i.e. claims that he/she did not authorize the payment. 99% of the time Paypal will immediately refund the payment to the buyer, and the seller will be out their item as well as the amount they were temporarily paid for it, with no recourse.
  • If you're a buyer who "gifted" their payment for an item, and the item gets damaged during shipment, or the seller fails to make good on the transaction, Paypal's buyer protection policy does not apply.
Please be smart.... saving a few bucks on fees is not worth dealing with either of these scenarios.
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