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I did a search and couldn't find a thread relating to pre-dyno prep. And being I'm going in the next few weeks, I'm hoping to get some answers. And I will have more questions in the future, I'm sure.

My Car:
2005 Subaru Forester XT
Approx 110K miles

Engine mods:
-Cobb AP V2 SUB-002 (Ordered)
-SPT High Air Flow Intake w/ heatshield (Ordered)
-Invidia catless up-pipe
-Invidia V2 Bellmouth Catless Downpipe (Ordered)
-3-Inch Downpipe Adapter (Ordered)
-2006 STi catback
-Cobb lightweight crank pulley 20oz (Savings of 70oz or 4.375lbs over stock)
-EGT delete
-Banjo bolt filter delete

-Oil change - Before, after, or both?

-I'm getting an AP before I show up. If I'm able, should I pre-load a tune to accommodate my mods so I can make it to the tuning shop without being in super limp mode?

-How far can I go with mods on without damage?

-Is there a speed/rpm I should not exceed during that time?

-Is the fuel injector cleaning service worth it? (1 tuner I talked to said 'yes'.)

-Is it worth putting on heat wrap on my down pipe?

-If all the tuners seem the same in pre-tune interviews/chats, how can I actually know who is better?

-What else do I need to know/do?
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