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2000 Forester 5 speed manual.
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Hey folks. As of late, I have been having issues with my power windows in my 2000 Subaru Forester. All of them. I even tried another window control assembly, and it did the same thing.Last week, the master switch on the drivers side started making this buzzing/whirring noise. I took the whole assembly out of the door and confirmed that this noise is indeed coming from the switch.

When I push ANY window related button, the LED that lights up the "Auto" decal for the drivers window goes out. When I release it, it lights back up.

Every now and then, the windows will work and the noise will go away. But I have gotten to where I rarely use them out of fear of having a window down then it getting stuck because the thing decides to get all buzz noise happy.

My research shows that there may be a relay acting up. My understanding is that this relay is in the middle of a total of 3 relays that sits on the left hand side of the fuse block on the drivers side bottom of the dash. I have accessed it, and unplugged it, and it did indeed make my windows cease to work. When I plug it back up, the same issue continues. I cant find a whole lot of photos in terms of relay locations and info on this issue for these particular Foresters.

In conclusion, do yall think the issue is this relay causing the issue or is there something else I am missing or overlooking? The control unit almost seems power starved to me, hence why the "Auto" light goes out when I try to roll a window down.

Thanks for any help and assistance!
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