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Sometimes when driving 06 Turbo(XT) A/T it feels like power or gas to engine is going to stop and then kicks back in - similar to the feeling you get if you turn the corner and I guess it kicks into a different gear. Almost like you press the gas fast or hard and then take foot right off and then put it back on hard like a jumpy jerky oh no it's going to stop feeling. I say the car is moody and it really is - sometimes it drives clean and great and other times it is rough and jerky with the feeling like it is going to just stop and sometimes it is way worse than others.

It seemed to get a bit better after they changed the air filter and did something with the gas line or pressure or something but now it is back.

In another forum, I mentioned that today interestingly the radio volume went up and down by itself - I heard it, looked down and saw it say volume 7 then 6 then 8. I have no idea what is going on and am getting worried.

Anyone have this jumpy in and out power or gas feeling with their turbo and does anyone else have a problem where it seems to run bad with he*s gas? I always use premium 93 gas but whenever I get he*s gas, it seems to do the jumpy feeling like it's going to die and then kicks back in much more.

Anyone have an idea what this could be :confused:

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