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A few days ago I acquired a 288K km 5-speed '98 Forester S for my son. The DOHC engine is fine, head gaskets have been replaced ni the last 6 months. I've replaced all calipers, rotors, pads, and the leaking tubes on the rack.

When turning left only, or even just turning the steering wheel, I get an audible juddering that feeds into the steering wheel. The fluid level is correct. The ball joints and tie rods appear OK. Since this can happen (though not always) when just turning the wheel, I can't see any issue with the center diff (which AFAIK is a viscous unit in the 5speed).

This appears to me to be related to the steering pump. It might be the LHS strut insulator bearing rattling as the struts are replacement KYB GR2s somewhat past their prime.

Any other suggestions appreciated.

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